Helping Others Become Healthy

At Grannies on the Run, we’re passionate about encouraging people of all ages to get fit, stay healthy, and lead active lives. Yes, we’re grandparents and yes, we’re runners, bikers, walkers, kyakers, etc – but we’re also a whole lot more than that. We’re parents. We’re spouses. We’re siblings. We’re friends. We’re family members. Just like you.

And possibly also like you, we’re part of a generation that finds itself now at the brink of a new chapter in our lives – middle age. Not so long ago, people used to think that middle age meant slowing down, both physically and mentally. But not anymore; not for us, anyway. And hopefully not for you, either!

Whoever you are and whatever point you’re at in your life, we want you to know that you have it within yourself to build and lead an active healthy life for yourself and for your family. You can be a runner, if that’s what you choose to be. You can also be a walker, a swimmer, a cyclist, a golfer, a tennis player, or any other kind of athlete you want to be. Yes, that’s right – you can be an athlete! Who said that just because you become a grandparent or reach a certain age that you can’t be an athlete? That’s nonsense!

So, you’ve never been athletic, you say? Join the club. Thousands of people just like you, people who never thought they had an athletic bone in their bodies, are going out every day and proving themselves and everybody else wrong. We’ve done it, and we want to show you how you can, too!

It’s time to write the next chapter in your life. You are the author of your own destiny. Show your children and your grandchildren what growing older can really mean, and you’ll not only be creating a healthier, happy life for yourself; you’ll also be setting a living, active example for them.